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Monday Minute Fiction: Lost…and Loving It

Monday Minute Fiction

"Lost…and Loving It"

All rights belong to Ashley Ladd.
This story cannot be reproduced without written permission of the author.

*This story contains explict male-male sex.

Travis Moore chuckled at how low he had fallen. He had nothing to do on a Saturday night except laze around his apartment and watch DVDs. There wasn’t even anything decent on TV except. It was raining so using the pool was out and he’d already worked out at the apartment’s gym.

So he grabbed his laundry and decided to get it done while everybody else was out having a good time. At least he could get in and out quickly. He didn’t even bother to throw on a shirt before he traipsed down the hall with his basket.

He bet that two-timing Rory was whoring it up tonight with every drunken Joe he could find. One man wasn’t enough for the jerk. He wanted everyone who had a hard-on. Just once Travis wished he could be so uninhibited he could be in an orgy or do it with more than one man in a night. But he’d always been the solid, one-man-at-a-time kind of guy. He was a homebody who liked to cuddle up with his lover, keep him to himself. His heart couldn’t stand another rejection yet. So here he was, all alone in the Laundromat.

He opened the door to throw in his laundry and he heard strange rumblings.

“Earthquake,” he mumbled and tried to steady himself for when the floor started shaking. The crazy things had been tearing apart the world lately. “It’s the end of days so I should find me a man, too,” he said under his breath. When he died, he wanted to be in a pair of strong arms who belonged to a kindred heart.

The roaring grew louder and wind whipped around him. “Tornado! Shit!” He dove under the table but the cyclone caught his feet and dragged him back. It sucked him into the air then pulled him into the machine with his clothes.

His fingers scrabbled for purchase on the door, the lip of the machine, anything, but he was sucked into the vacuum. He couldn’t breathe. He couldn’t exhale. His blood rushed to his feet and he couldn’t piece together a coherent thought.

Then he was dropped to the ground and the wind stopped as suddenly as it had begun. He held his aching head and opened his eyes.

He blinked. Then he blinked again. His eyes widened.

This wasn’t the laundry room. And it wasn’t the remains of a building torn to shreds by an angry storm.

Was it heaven? Hell? The Land of Oz?

He held his head and closed his eyes again. He counted to ten demanding his nightmare to go away. But when he opened his eyes he still saw the odd surroundings. Palatial columns rose to a gilded ceiling. Wispy sheets hanging from the ceiling wafted in the slight breeze coming in from a large open doorway. Marble floors felt cool and glassy beneath his hands. Soft, harp-like music drifted around him. Everything was white on white with tints of gold. Could it be heaven? It sure didn’t look like hell.

He lifted his hand and wiggled his fingers in front of his eyes. Then he circled his ankle in the air. After that he pushed himself to his feet and stretched his sore limbs. He marveled that he wasn’t black and blue from the rough treatment. But that was secondary to the mystery of where he was.

The door opened and the most beautiful man he’d ever seen glided in. He was naked except for wide gold bangles around his wrists and ankles, and a gold Egyptian-like necklace around his neck.

Travis’s mouth watered and his cock grew heavy in his shorts. When the other man’s cock grew long and thick before his eyes, Travis blinked again. “Where am I? Why am I here? Who are you?”

He winced at how trite he sounded, but the questions were honest ones.

The other man swaggered to him and circled him, looking him up and down. Then he sidled close and stroked Travis’s cock through the thick denim. “I am Ammon, Sheikh of Annuki. And you are the newest member of my harem.”

Travis’s mouth went dry and he wished he was as naked as the other man. He croaked, “Harem?” He shook his head. He’d never heard of a gay harem.

“This must be a mistake. I’m a man. I can’t…”

“No mistake. I have hundreds of the most beautiful men from all over the world, from throughout time. And you are my newest acquisition.” The god-like man blazed gold in the streaming light through the doorway as the sun climbed in the cloudless sky.

“Acquisition? Newest member of your harem?” Travis knew he must be dreaming but if he got to taste that cock, to feel the man’s magical hands on his bare flesh, he didn’t want to wake up. “Am I your prisoner?”

“Henceforth, you are mine. And you will never want to leave. When I am not partaking of your beauty and your pleasure you will be free to love the other members of my harem. No one has ever wished to leave. I doubt you will be the first.”

Tsk-tsking, Ammon slipped the button of Travis’s pants out of his hole then unzipped them. “It’s not fair that you can see me in all my glory and I can’t see you.”

Travis wasn’t sure what to do. He yearned to shed his pants and his inhibitions and have wild sex with the handsome stranger. But he didn’t belong here. He didn’t want to be a kept man. He had a life…

Ammon pressed his lips to Travis’s neck and trailed hot kisses across his shoulder blade. Then he pushed Travis’s pants down his legs.

Mesmerized by the Sheikh’s soft lips trailing down his body and his masterful hands on his legs, Travis trembled and gave into the pleasure. When Ammon’s lips kissed his cock, Travis’s knees buckled.

Ammon took off the rest of Travis’s clothing leaving him naked. Then he swept Travis into his arms and deposited him on the extra large bed. He kissed his way up Travis’s legs, to his cock where he languished. “Um, you taste wonderful. I could get lost in you.”

Travis was already lost…and loving it. This was a fantasy come true and he didn’t want to wake up. He lifted his hips off the bed and pushed his cock deeper into his lover’s mouth.

Ammon cherished Travis’s cock for several moments, moaning in chorus with Travis. When he left Travis’s cock, Travis growled his protest. But when Ammon flipped him over and plunged his cock inside, Travis forgave him. At this moment, he never wanted to leave. He felt that he was where he belonged.

Expertly, Ammon drove in and out, bringing Travis to the brink of ecstasy, backing off, then restoking Travis’s fire higher and hotter. Finally, Travis came long and hard in Ammon’s arms.

“I have a treat for my new favorite man,” Ammon whispered against Travis’s ear as he pulled out of him and took him in his arms.

“What is that?” Travis would be happy if he never had another surprise in his life. He’d never felt so fulfilled, so blissful.

Ammon authoritatively clapped his hands high in the air. “Join us!”

The gilded doors flew open and several buff, naked men flooded in. Their cocks were long, thick and heavy. They glistened with cum. They were all colors of the rainbow, all exemplary of their races. And all crawled onto the bed and began to kiss and caress Travis.

Ammon moved back and held his hands wide. “Enjoy!”

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Brynn Paulin said...

Well done. I'm guessing he won't want to leave :-)

Unknown said...

Nope. He won't want to leave. :)

I'm heading over to read yours now. I just got home from Ohio.

barbara huffert said...

Woohoo now there's an Oz for ya! Wonderful little tale Ashley.

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