Saturday, May 01, 2010

Blogfest: Baking Scene

Today, I'm in a couple blogfests so lots more writing fun. This one is the 50 Followers Baking Blogfest!

The leader said this may not sound as exciting as the murder, first kiss, pg love or fight blogfests.

But, I wrote a pretty cute scene involving baking in "American Beauty" my erotic M/F comedy romance published at so here it is.  Enjoy!

This was my mission and I chose to accept it. :)

1. Write a scene where your MC bakes something, anything, good, bad, yummy, burned, anything. Have fun with it, and post it on your blog on May 1st. Bake in space, for a first date, as a cave man/woman, I don't care. Find a way to incorporate a cooking scene into your wip.

This is an excerpt about baking from my published erotic romantic comedy “American Beauty” that's published at

PG Rated Excerpt
An extremely wicked, delicious idea occurred to Kirsty. Everyone, especially Marshall, teased her about her horrible cooking, so she was going to get them back and good. She found a long, thick rectangular foam form she used for flower arranging and carved it into the shape of a gravestone, just like the real cake she’d made earlier in the evening.
She iced the fake cake carefully. Then she decorated it with care, adding icing roses and leaves around the rim. For the finishing touch, she wrote in cursive writing Happy Birthday Over-the-Hill Marshall.
She stood back to admire her handiwork, and grinned. She couldn’t wait for Marshall to cut his cake – at least to try to cut his cake. She’d hide the real cake until after the joke played itself out.
“You’re up late, Sweetie,” Bradley murmured in her ear, his hot breath tickling the sensitive curve of her throat.
She jumped as she hadn’t heard him entered, and whirled around. Icing squirted from her hands, all over the front of Bradley’s jersey. Horrified, she tossed the icing in the sink. “Oh no! I didn’t mean to decorate you. You just startled me sneaking up on me like that.” She glared at him as she tried to wipe the icing off his shirt, smearing it into a bigger mess instead.
“Maybe it’d work better if you licked it off,” he crooned suggestively, staring at her intently.
“Wh-what?” Had she heard him right? Had he just flirted with her? Hope flared in her heart and made her knees go weak.
He cupped her chin with his warm palm, sending shivers through her. “You heard me, Kirsten.”
"Like this?" Brazenly she closed the gap between them, unbuttoned three buttons and spread his shirt wide and then her fingertips grazed his firm, heated chest, smearing icing all over him.

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Andrew Rosenberg said...

Hey! This is supposed to be about baking! :)

Nice job. I need to sneak up on more women.

Melanie Sherman said...

Well, I certainly want to read further to see what happens when Marshall cuts into the cake, but I suppose I'll have to wait until the MC and Bradley complete a cake decorating course. :)

Charity Bradford said...

This makes me wish it was my hubby sneaking up on me when I do cakes instead of my children. It would be a lot more fun.

Thanks for participating!

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