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Saturday Snippets: First Meetings

Today's Saturday Snippets theme is "First Meetings". 
When I looked at my books for first meetings, I realized a lot of my stories reunite lovers. In a way this one reunites two beings, former cat and former master, but this is their first meeting as both humans.

"Pussyfooting Around" in the "Sex Kittens"" anthology ~ excerpt
First Meeting
Published at: Ellora’s Cave

Pussyfooting Around in the Sex Kittens anthology by Ashley Ladd

When Diamond gives her life in a selfless act, she is granted her most fervent wish—to become a human female so that she can win her beloved master's heart. But becoming a human isn't as easy as it looks. Pitfalls and traps lie in wait everywhere as she struggles to overcome her inner nature. If she fails this test, she will be turned back into a cat, and worse, lose Eddie's love forever.


Blinking, Eddie did a double take. He could swear a naked woman strolled alongside the canal behind his house.
Rocking back on his haunches, his pulse leapt and he dropped the shovel in his hands. It was everything he could do to bite back a whistle of awe. Things like this didn’t happen in his quiet, back-water neighborhood. He had to be dreaming.
But oh, what a vision! If he was dreaming, he never wanted to wake up. Waist-length sun-kissed golden hair tickled the mirage’s shapely hips. The silky curtain hid her body one step, and then swung back to reveal lush breasts with rosy tipped nipples the next. Golden sparks shot from her hair with every sway of her hips.
He had to be hallucinating. He’d been working too long under the sizzling South Florida sun. It must have baked his addle brain. He’d wasted months searching for a swimming suit model to represent his newest designer line, and now he imagined that this gift had dropped out of heaven just for his personal gain? He was definitely loosing it!
Still, he’d be a fool to let this vision walk away and not take a shot. He had about given up on finding the right woman to market his line. “Thank you, God,” he murmured under his breath.
Slowly, the fog clouding his brain lifted. If anyone else spied this naked nymph in a suburban neighborhood, they would report her state of undress to the police. He happened to think her exposure was extremely decent, but knew the cops wouldn’t agree. The buffoons would haul her downtown, book her for indecent exposure, and frighten the wits out of her.
Worse, it wasn’t safe for a woman to walk around naked in Ft. Lauderdale, not even in this normally sleepy little burg.  Nor was this canal very safe to hang about. Only the other day, the unthinkable had almost happened when an alligator had risen from its midst and threatened the neighbor boy.
Making up his mind to make her acquaintance and play a little Sir Gallahad, he followed her. “You look a little lost, Lady Godiva. Need some help?”
An angelic smile crossed the nymph’s lips, warring with questions in her eyes. “Lady Godiva?”
She’d never heard of Lady Godiva? What planet had she come from? “You really shouldn’t traipse around here like that. “
Unabashed, Lady Godiva glanced down at her nude form. Shrugging her slim shoulders, she looked up at the blazing sun and then at him with a charming, naïve expression. “Why not? It’s a warm day.”
He gulped, and his hands grew clammy. “It’s illegal.” He didn’t think he was lying. Of course this was Ft. Lauderdale where almost anything went, but it wasn’t the wild east side of town or Miami Beach. This was a quiet, family neighborhood out west, a neighborhood with a ton of strangling restrictions. Hell, if it was against city code to grow a garden or put up a storage shed in the back yard, it had to be against code to stroll around outside in the buff.
He shrugged out of his shirt, draped it over her, and buttoned it, his shirttails barely falling to the juncture of her legs. Her nipples stood out against the soft cotton making this outfit nearly more erotic than her complete nudity.
At such close distance, her spellbinding scent wafted around him. Just a hint of salt water clung to her. Maybe she was a mermaid that had swum inland by mistake. That made about as much sense as anything else
A mermaid? He was well and truly losing it! He shook himself mentally, trying to erase impossible lusty fantasies from his mind.
“Thank you.” When the ravishing beauty licked her full lips, beaming up at him, his heart melted and his cock stood at full staff. She raised wide amber eyes to him, so dark he could drown in their murky depths. “I don’t know.”
Bizarre. Maybe she wasn’t from outer space. Maybe she’d escaped from a mental ward. Perhaps the medical center down the street was missing a patient. “You don’t know if I can help you?”
She shook her head slowly, catching sunbeams in her burnished hair. Awe twinkled in her eyes when she gazed about as if she’d never seen such sights before. He was back to leaning towards the alien theory. “It looks so small.”
Small? Compared to what? Pine trees grazed the sky in his back yard as sun dappled the grass through their mossy shade. “This is Ft. Lauderdale.” Part of the huge metropolis of Miami-Ft. Lauderdale, it was not exactly a small town.
“It’s nice.”
Definitely bizarre. He was standing by the canal trading trivialities with an alien. If they stayed out here much longer, someone was bound to call the police.  Not an option. “Do you live around here?”
Sadness fluttered about Lady Godiva’s beautiful full lips. “In another lifetime.”

Sex Kittens is available at Ellora's Cave.

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