Friday, December 11, 2009

Who Says E-Books Aren't Popular?

Yes, there is a Santa Claus! Hubby just ordered an ebook reader for me for Christmas.

I've been home sick from the day job and so am not allowed out of bed. Luckily nowadays being bedridden isn't so bad, not even during Christmas shopping time. Not since the Internet and QVC.

Earlier today I read articles on Smart Bitches and Trashy Books and USA Today regarding how some of the larger publishers are planning to delay releasing the ebook version of books for up to 6 months after the hard cover launch. As of the moment I wrote this, Smart Bitches had 82 responses, most upset about this. It seems that the majority of the responders like to read ebooks. Many claim to read almost all their books in ebook format.

I knew the day was coming. I had no doubt. As a lifelong Trekkie, I thought it would be cool to read on electronic devices. It seems very futuristic.

Now with the Go Green movement, even in my workplace, ebooks and ebook readers are a no brainer.

So while I'm in the camp that's not happy about the delayed release of ebook versions, I'm happy that readers enjoy reading in e-format and that I'm getting an e-book reader.

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Unknown said...

Hope you feel better soon, Ashley! It's no fun being sick.
Enjoy the new ereader. I'm hoping for one too. :)

Unknown said...

Thanks Amber. I've been wanting an e-book reader for so long I think I'm dreaming. I honestly didn't expect hubby to give anything so expensive to me this year.

I'm feeling a lot better today than yesterday. I'm not 100% but I'm able to get some work done and not feel so miserable. God is good. :)

Regina Carlysle said...

I'm with you, Ash. I love reading ebooks. I have an ebookwise now which does the trick but I'm lusting after some of the new models. I read a similar story about the dilemma of the big publishers. I think it was USA Today. They are worried about losing money on the sales of their hardback books.

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