Saturday, July 10, 2010

Saturday Snippets: Dancing

Today's Saturday Snippets feature dancing.

I love to dance. When I was a teen I lived at the disco. If my hubby (then boyfriend) wanted to see me, he had to come to the disco with me. Otherwise I went with my friends anyway.

Lately I've been taking line dancing lessons and going to the local line dance country-western bar. Although the dress and music is a little different, it's a lot of fun just like disco. Instead of wearing short skirts and fashion boots or clogs I wear boots and blue jeans to dance.

Here's a romantic dancing excerpt for your reading pleasure today. It's from my sweet romance novel "So You Want To Marry Our Mom".

ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-778-6 (Paperback)
ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-709-0 (Electronic)

When erotic romance writer Jackie Duarte’s kids nominate her to be a television bachelorette on Perfect Mate and help to pick her next husband and their new father, her life becomes crazier than it’s already been. Now the whole world will meet her bratty ADHD/ODD twelve-year-old, perhaps learn of the penname she has fought so long to keep under wraps, and see her house on television...and she’s no Martha Stewart.

Worse yet, the ghost of her husband has long been talking off her ear but now he’s also giving her dating advice, telling her how to flirt and whom to marry. She has to be extra careful not to speak to him aloud while the cameras are rolling or risk being put into a straightjacket.

But worst of all, Doug Applebaum, her best friend and the younger man she had wanted to marry but gave up on, finally decides he loves her, after she’s legally committed to wed one of the bachelors on her show. What can Jackie do now? Go back on her committment to the show, ignore the advice of her children and her deceased husband, or follow her heart straight into Doug’s waiting arms?

Genres: Romance / Contemporary Romance / Paranormal Romance

Excerpt: So You Want To Marry Our Mom

Randall took her into his arms and swayed back and forth. Then he spun her around. “May I say you’re extraordinarily lovely under the moonlight?”

She glowed, daresay brighter than the Northern Star twinkling overhead. Her head swelled with so many compliments she just might float to the moon. “You’re very handsome yourself.” Recalling Vance’s advice, she added, “Randall.”

The handsome bearded man smiled into her eyes, as if trying to hypnotize her.

But she had to comment. “I don’t hear any music.”

Randall looked surprised and hurt. “You don’t? I hear music whenever I’m with you.”

So You Want To Marry Our Mom is available at Amber Quill Press.
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Unknown said...

I love dancing too.

Thanks for sharing the excerpt.

Unknown said...

I miss slow dancing. My hubby isn't into dancing. I guess I'm consigned to line dancing or other group dancing. Why didn't I marry a dancer???

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